More iPad Blogging (and Photos and Videos)

Well, this is my latest attempt at blogging from the iPad.  I’m trying a new app called blogsy – it looks pretty cool, so hopefully it will do everything that I need to do.


Lisa and Gavin

One of the important features that I need while blogging is the ability to insert a picture.  In this case, I’ve inserted a picture of Lisa and Gavin and set it up to be left justified with text to the right.

Another thing I like to do with my pictures is just insert them inline.  Below is a picture of Kim and Taylor at Kim’s birthday party…I won’t point out all the empty beer bottles next to Kim.  This picture shows up as full width in the editor.

The bottom picture is Gavin at the default import height and width.


Another thing I’d like to do is import videos into my blog.  Well, I can’t seem to figure out how to upload them to facebook, but the iPad makes it easy to upload to YouTube.  So, I’ve uploaded a couple of test videos to see if I can embed them into my blog post.  Blogsy has this cool YouTube button that allows me to choose from “My Uploads” and “Favorites”, however nothing show up under “My Uploads” – I had to tag my test videos as “Favorites” in order to insert them into the blog.

This first video is a short snippet from Taylor’s last basketball game – shot w/my canon point and shoot camera.

The second video is an older video I took with my ContourGPS on a day my dad forgot to bring his fishing rod with us and didn’t realize until we got there.


I was also having issues uploading photos to facebook – the built in software only uploads to the mobile album, and I want to be able to upload to any (including new) album.  Fortunately, KC pointed me to an app that will do this for me (HD Photo Loader).  The only drawback is that it wants access to all of my facebook info – I’ve granted it for now.  I had some issues uploading pictures w/a weak wifi signal, but if I have a good connection, everything seems to be fine.


I think that I’ve found all the combinations of hardware and apps for the iPad that will allow me to leave my netbook at home for the big trip to Fiji and Australia (provided this post works ok).  I’m going to try publishing this as a draft, and then flip the public bit from the wordpress console to see how it works!


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