Camera and Blogging Test

First off, I bought Kim an iPad 2 for her birthday, she also picked up a Zagg Bluetooth keyboard, and I’m using these right now to write this entry to see how well it will work for blogging on the road.  The physical keyboard is definately and upgrade to the touch keyboard – I can type way faster.  This combo will probably allow be to leave the netbook at home. For software, I’m using Be Write HD.  It seems to have decent reviews, so hopefully it was worth the $2.99 that I paid for it.
Camera Stuff

Well, I went out and bought the Canon SX230HS to bring along on our upcoming trip.  I still haven’t ruled out bringing along a Sony NEX as well.  I’m going to show off a few pictures that I took from each camera to see how well this software will import them (and post them on WordPress)

This first picture was taken w/the Sony.  The white balance seems to be off just a bit.
this one is also from the Sony – it is a fast camera, you can see that Taylor let go of the snowball a bit early.  I’m curious to see how this shows up in the post.  The picture is very clear if you look at it in the photo album – it appears a bit blurry in the blog writing software.

This is from the Canon.  The cousins while they were hanging with us last weekend.

These two photos are from the canon to demonstrate the zoom range of the Canon camera.  Obviously, the left image is full wide angle and the right image is full zoom.
That’s all for now – just over a week to go before we leave!

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