Cameras, Underwear, and Luggage

We are starting to plan our packing strategy for our anniversary trip.  Our main goal for this trip is going to be – no checked baggage.  We are going to be on 8 different flights this trip, and dealing w/checked baggage for each will be a pain in the butt.  However, given our previous history (and the fact that I like to bring lots of gadgets) this may be a bit of a challenge for a 3 week trip, but we are going to go for it.


Cameras are going to be the first challenge that pop up for me.  My 1Dmkii plus lenses and accessories have a dedicated carry-on bag – that doesn’t leave much room for clothes.  So, I need to come up with another option for a camera. 

I currently have a Canon SD850IS for a point and shoot camera – it is several years old,  which is a lifetime in camera tech, so I figure I should be able to get something way better than this.  That being said, I do have a dive housing for this camera, so I might be able to convince myself that this will be good enough for the trip.  The size is certainly right.

My brother has a Sony NEX-5N.  This is a very compact “SLR”.  I borrowed it for a couple of weeks to try it out.  The carry case he has holds the camera + 3 lenses, and the size is comparable to my 1Dmkii plus one lens.  It takes good photos and also has an option to shoot RAW, so I can do megatweaking in software.  It also takes very nice videos – it is a little hard to hold the camera steady, but once you get used to it, you get very good results.  Still not sure that this meets the size criteria though.

I started looking into new point and shoot cameras and there is a new class of “travel” compact cameras.  These are P&S camera that have extra large zoom capabilities.  Reviews of several can be found here.  The Canon SX230 HS looks to be a promising choice.  I may have to go track one down and try it out.

I will also be bringing my ContourGPS w/dive housing along.  Not sure if I’ll actually be doing any diving on the trip, but will probably get some snorkeling in.  I also have a headband mount for it, so if I do any other interesting things,  I should be able to get some videos.

Underwear (and other clothes)

Well, fortunately it is going to be summer where we are heading, so packing light should be a bit easier.  My plan is to bring one workout outfit (need to at least keep running while I’m there), and then four-ish other sets of clothes.  My plan is to bring two sets of Columbia “convertible” pants  – they’ll function as long pants or shorts.  They are also made of quick drying material, so I should be able to wash them in a hotel room sink if needed.   Also got some quick-drying underwear as well.


Went to REI today to look for a small backpack that I could use as my “personal” bag carryon.  Of course I ended up buying more luggage as well.  Got a cool, small, carry-on sized piece of luggage that has a backpack that attaches to it.  Got home and started to pack things in it and looks like it should work.

Misc Electronics.

This is where I start getting in trouble.  I’m going to bring my Kindle Fire, of course I’m concerned that it will be difficult to read while I’m laying on the beach, so I’m planning on bringing my old Kindle as well.  I also have to bring my Garmin watch so I can record all of my runs while I’m there.  On the fence about bringing my netbook.  It’ll be easier to blog from the netbook, plus I can use it to download the workout data from my watch.  And of course, I’ll bring my spot – never know when I’ll have to hit the big red button (and if I don’t, the tracking function will remind my friends and family that I’m someplace fun and sunny and they aren’t).



  1. I can’t believe you are contemplating leaving your best camera home for a trip like this!! Even if it is a larger case to carry, that is the one thing you should accommodate. Yeesh. You don’t need extra clothes, one pair should do! 😉

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