The Next Big Trip is Planned!

Well, I’m going to start off by commenting on my lameness about keeping the blog up to date.  Certainly the WABDR was the last big adventure that I’ve gone on, but I’ve had lots of little adventures since – just have been too lazy to keep the blog up to date.  Since the last post, I’ve run two half marathons, gone fishing (and caught fish!) several times, been out on my dirtbike, and played a bunch of tennis.  But anyhow, that is about the past…this entry is about the future.

This year is our 20th wedding anniversary, so we decided to do something special, like go on another big adventure.  But before I get started on the details, I’d like to reflect a bit on the past 20 years…I just want Kim to know how wonderful she is and how much I love her.  I’m not sure why she has put up with my crap for 20 yrs, and hasn’t kicked me out of the house yet, but I do appreciate it.  Hopefully the next 20 yrs will be even more fun and exciting!

Now on to the details for the big trip…Our anniversary is in March, and the weather always kinda sucks, so off to someplace warm.  Since this is the big two-oh, we want to go someplace we hadn’t been before – so we picked Australia!  Well, it’s a long flight, in both directions, so to make it worthwhile we figured that a 3 week trip would be about right.

This presents problem #1, what do we do with the kids for a 3 week trip.  Certainly they can’t miss that much school…so we talked Kim’s parents into visiting and “babysitting” (is it really babysitting if one of them is a 16 yr old).  It is awesome that Ken and Barb are making the trek from Montana to hang out with the grandkids – they are always really good, I promise.  We’ll have some backup support lined up for them if they need a break though Smile.

With a plan for the kids, we started to check into airfare.  Since we have no budget, we checked the business class seats to Sydney…which turned out to be super expensive.  At this point, we decided that having no budget was not a good idea.  However, with a little creative thinking we checked business class airfare to Fiji, and it was significantly cheaper (less than half the price).  Round trip coach between Fiji and Sydney was manageable, So, we added it to our itinerary.

Next we had to figure out where to go in Australia once we were there.  Since we are flying into Sydney, we figured we may as well spend a couple of days there.  Also want to see the Great Barrier Reef, so a couple of days in Cairns.  Kim wants to go see where they play the Australian Open, so we need to spend a few days in Melbourne to hit the tennis center there.  The one outrageous thing we are going to do is go “glamping”.  We were watching a TV show one night and they were doing a spot on it…this is where Oprah went camping when she visited, and it actually looks pretty cool.  For more information, check out

So here is the current itinerary:

  • Leave Seattle on 2/11
  • Arrive Fiji on 2/13 (timezone madness!) 3 nights in Nadi
  • Fly to Sydney – 4 nights in Sydney
  • Fly to Cairns – 4 nights in Cairns
  • Fly to Ayers Rock – 3 nights at Longitude 131
  • Fly to Melbourne – 3 nights in Melbourne
  • Back to Sydney – 1 night
  • Back to Fiji for some beach time! – 2 nights
  • Leave Nadi at 10:50p on 3/4, Arrive in Seattle at 5:52p on 3/4.  Time travel, cool!


That’s it for now!



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