Well, technically not on the WABDR anymore – just pavement all the way back to home.  We took our time breaking camp this morning, but were still on the road by 9:30a or so.  As we were cruising through the park my Dad asked if I was banging on the headset mic (don’t know if I’ve mentioned this yet, but we had headsets so we could talk to each other).  After a bit, he realized that one of the fasteners had come out of his helmet and his visor was banging on the side.  So, we pulled over and got out the Gorilla Tape to reattach it.

The ride to the border was ok…although I find riding on the street a bit harder on my butt than the trail riding.  The guy at customs was pretty cool and asked questions about the trip as much as he could without slowing the line up too much. 

We grabbed some lunch at a burger joint in Sumas.  It was the first time we had a data connection on our phones (while stopped) for the last 3 days, so both of us were heads down in our phones almost the whole time.  I think the waitress was getting a bit annoyed with us.

The rest of the ride down was pretty uneventful…started to hit rush hour traffic as we got close to Seattle. 

Didn’t take any pictures today, other than the helmet cam (which I haven’t looked at).  The trip was a great time.  I may have to go out and do it again…My riding has improved immensely in the last week, and I think at this point I would give all of the hard sections a shot.  Also need to figure out what my next big riding trip should be…I’m thinking maybe spring training in Arizona next spring, which would be mostly on paved roads…the Utah route that is being put together may be interesting as well – Utah is one of my favorite states to visit (although I find riding in the sand a bit unnerving).

I’ve got a ton of video and pictures to review now…If I find anything interesting, I’ll be sure to post it.



  1. Scott, thanks for the posts, very informative and I enjoyed reading them.
    I am also thinking driving through WABDR with my F150, but not sure if it is too wide. Some pictures shows the road is pretty narrow in certain sections.
    Thank you.

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