WABDR Day #4: On to Cashmere!

Started the day off by cleaning things up.  It is extremely dusty on these roads – to the point that I’d wish it would rain a bit to wet things down – but not too much because many of the roads will turn into nasty mud. It was so dusty, that the inside of my helmet cam filled up with dust!


the camera is cool though – unscrewed one small screw and I could get inside and clean everything out…I swear I took an after shot, but I can’t seem to find it. 

After cleaning thing up, I got to take a shower (one of the perks of staying at an RV park).  It was the best shower ever!  I even had some clean clothes to put on when I was done.

To finish out a busy morning, I figured out the issue w/my 12 volt adapters.  The fuse had popped, but it popped for a reason.  The positive wire I ran to install it was rubbing against a bolt that goes into the frame (ground), once it got through the insulation, bad things happened.  Fortunately it was an easy fix with a couple of wraps of Gorilla Tape.


So we got off a bit late again today – about 10:30 or so.  After our issues yesterday, we decided to take the easy bypass into Ellensburg.  This allowed us to make up a bit of time (that being said, it sounds like many people are having issues with this section – check out this link).  Stopped for some fuel in Ellensburg and then started up to the top of Table Mountain.  The road going up the hill was a ton of fun – it was paved a good part of the way, although about 3/4 of a lane wide.  We stopped at the Lion Rock Campground for some quick lunch.


The road to this point was easy – in fact a bunch of college kids made it up to the campground in a Mercedes sedan…Not sure I’d drive my 911 up there though.  Things would become a bit more difficult soon.  But first we stopped to take in some good views (although it is very hazy up here right now).



Continuing along, the ride got a little more challenging again today, although not quite as hard as yesterday.  We eventually passed a sign that said the road was for “high clearance vehicles only” – unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of the sign.  The road became more rutted and there were some steeper sections with loose rock.  And then it happened!  While cresting a small, steep rocky hill, my dad hit a rock with his skid plate – the bike stopped instantly, but he didn’t.  Launched over the windshield.  He came through unharmed, and did manage to dislodge the rock and move it a couple of inches. 


Fortunately this morning he rearranged all of his luggage to make it easy to strip off.  So, getting the bike back up was way easier.


While we were picking up his bike, we could hear some bikes coming the opposite direction in the distance, so I moved up the road a bit so I could stop them while we cleared the bike out of the way.  It turned out to be a group of 3 Canadians doing the route N to S.  They had actually taken the bikes through the washout that is just S of Cashmere and recommended against it. We also got some pointers on some of the roads that we are going to hit in the next couple of days. 

Our plan it this point was to take the bypass down to Wenatchee and then stay at the state park where the Wenatchee River joins the Columbia…well, we get there and the campground is full.  No problem, there is a kinda cool county park on Hwy 2 just outside of Wenatchee – it was full too.  So, we went all the way to Cashmere and got a hotel room.  Turns out the Chelan County Fair is going on right now.


So, I got my second shower in one day!  What is the world coming to?  After showering, I did a little laundry in the sink.


Then we walked to a local BBQ restaurant for an awesome BBQ dinner!  Since we are in Cashmere, we’ll pick up the route tomorrow in town here…so we missed a small section of the route from the Beehive reservoir to Cashmere due to our reroute.  That’s it for now!


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