WABDR Day #1

Ok, I know I promised to do a trip summary for the motorhome trip, but I’ve been lazy and haven’t gotten around to it.  So lazy, that I’m actually on my next trip – Doing the Washington Backcountry Discovery Route with my Dad on our motorcycles.  This route goes from Oregon to Canada almost exclusively on unpaved forest service roads.

This trip has been in various stages of planning for almost a year, and now we are finally off and doing it.  Doing a trip like this takes quite a bit of planning, so of course we put it off to the last minute – sorta.  In August, we spent some time going over the route details.


and then just got the GPS tracks from the WABDR site…we are carrying the paper maps in case we have a GPS failure, or have to re-route for some reason.

And once you’ve planned the route, you’ve got to pack the motorcycle – we are going to be spending some extra time in Canada, so we could be gone as long as 10 days.


and yes, all of that stuff fits on the bike!


Today we rode down to Stevenson, WA, which is the starting point of the ride.  We left my Dad’s house around 9a this morning.


The bikes are really loaded down and very heavy…to the point that the suspensions are so compressed that it is challenging to find a place to put the sidestand down to get off them!  To prove that point, we stopped in Greenwater for a quick break.  We got back on the bikes and were ready to go, when my Dad realized he forgot his sunglasses in his bag.  So, he proceeded to get off the bike, but forgot to put the sidestand down and dropped it in the parking lot…Wait, that doesn’t prove my point, it just proves my Dad forgets a lot of things!

We stopped in Packwood for lunch and fuel, and then stopped in Randle at the ranger station to get the one set of maps we did not have yet.  Then we got on the coolest road of the trip.  From Randle down to the Columbia River, we were on a nice long twisty road.  Every once in a while you’d pop out for some killer views.



We cruised on down to Stevenson to snag some pizza for dinner.  Contemplated getting fuel, but there is a gas station near the beginning of our ride tomorrow that we’ll just use.  After dinner, we set up camp at a small county campground on the Columbia.


Now it is dark, so I’m blogging away and then heading off to bed!  Start getting into the dirt tomorrow!


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