Day 39: Four Corners

Miles Today: 256
Miles Total: 5887
Weather: Sunny, Thunderstorms, Upper 90s /Low 100s
Consecutive Days with a cow sighting: 5

Got to a bit of a late start today – Kim made cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  That is definitely worth a late start.  We got on our way and headed to four corners.  The drive was about an hour and a half and pretty uneventful – we did drive through Arizona for about 10 minutes, so we get to check off one more state on this trip.  The actual Four Corners monument is so-so – if you are heading through the area (not likely) it is worth a stop.  If you use modern tools to figure out the location of the monument, you wouldn’t find it because the monument is technically in the wrong place.  However, it is the spot that surveyors have been using for the last 100+ years and it has stood several court challenges and won.  It was too crowded to get a picture touching all 4 states at once – but the kids had fun looking through all of the Indian vendor shops around the edges.

We drove through some of the coolest terrain that we’ve seen on the trip.  South Utah is just plain cool.  I want to come back on my motorcycle and do some serious riding out here.  We stopped for the day in Green River, UT.   The kids jumped in the pool for a bit before we went to dinner.   There was a cool little restaurant right on he Green River that we ate at.  We had window seats and watched a thunderstorm off in the distance while we ate dinner.

Tomorrow, we should be stopping somewhere in Idaho.  We are just over 1000 miles away, so we could probably get home in two days if we pushed hard, but I think we will try and make it in three.  Our goal is to spend the last night in Yakima, and get home fairly early on Thursday.


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