Day 37: One Timezone Closer

Miles Today: 426
Miles Total: 5631
Weather: Sunny, Upper 90s/Low 100s
Consecutive Days with a cow sighting: 4

Day 37 was a big travel day – I suppose that is really all we have left on the trip.  Not a whole lot to write about.  Our trip from Texas to New Mexico was one long, slow, uphill climb.  It was pretty subtle, things looked flat, but watching the altimeter on my GPS, you could see us slowly gaining in altitude.  You didn’t really need the GPS though, the motorhome kept downshifting, even when I was trying to go easy on the accelerator.  So, our mileage was really crappy when we stopped for fuel.  As we pulled into the gas station, the low fuel warning came on.  This is the first time that I’ve had that happen – I ended up putting in 73 gallons, and I’m pretty sure that I only have a 75 gallon tank.  Although, that is a bit late for the low fuel light to come on as it only gives you 10-15 miles to find some fuel.

Stayed at the KOA in Tucumcari, New Mexico.  Not a bad RV park w/a pool and play area for the kids, although we just hid inside the motorhome with the air conditioning on.  The low temperature was 69 degrees…I think that it is the first time we’ve been below 70 in weeks – probably since Minnesota. 

Tomorrow is a medium length drive, which will put us in striking distance of the four corners.  Our plan for the four corners is to fly through take a couple of pictures, and then get on our way to Utah.  I miscalculated the days to get home, so we are going to skip Arches NP.  We’ve been there before (except for Ryan) and it is supposed to be over 100…You really need to go hiking around to see the park, and nobody wants to do it in 100 degree weather 🙂


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