Day 33: 5000 miles!

Miles Today: 467
Miles Total: 5015
Weather: Sunny, Lower 90s
Consecutive Days with a cow sighting: 2

Today was another driving day…long driving days are tough to blog about because not a lot of interesting things happen, so I’ll try to be creative and interesting…of course have kids with us helps, because they like to do “things” in creative and interesting ways.

Such as, placing an open pop bottle on the shelf behind the couch – did I mention that there is a gap between the back of the couch and the shelf? No, the bottle did not fall over and leak behind the couch, the whole bottle fell behind/under the couch.

Or, while we were driving there was a loud thump in the back of the rig.  I love hearing loud noises while I’m driving because that usually means something broke and get to be creative and fix it (ok, maybe not).  One of the kids (who will remain anonymous) was kicking the table post and ripped it out of the mount.  Kim jammed it back in place until we stopped for the night.  Fortunately, I could just rotate the post 180 degrees and screw it back into the mount.

Not everything exciting was related to kids.  I pulled off the ever popular U-turn of a 35 foot motorhome while towing another 20ish feet of Jeep.  While we were in the middle of nowhere Mississippi, we needed some fuel, and the gas station was on the wrong side of the road on a divided highway.  Pulled in ok, but I had to go the wrong direction (compass wise, not flow of traffic) to get out of the station – at the next gap in the median a flipped a u-turn.  Fortunately, it was 2 lane going both directions and not a lot of traffic.

And the final issue, the brake monitor started flashing, indicating the Jeep battery was low.  This shouldn’t happen since I’ve got the cool remote charger on the Jeep, that keeps the Jeep battery topped off while we are going down the road.  I checked the remote regulator in the Jeep, and it indicated that the batteries were being charged.  When I looked at the brake itself, the LEDs were all flashing like something was wacky.  I unplugged the brake and plugged it back in again, and that seemed to fix everything.  Even though the battery level appeared to be up on the Jeep, I ran it for about 15 minutes just in case.  Did not have any problems for the rest of the drive.

One comment

  1. Ok, I *hope* the anonymous kid mentioned in the post above is not Ryan….However, something tells me it was. 😦

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