Day 30 and 31: It’s Been a Month!

Day 30

Got up early to go on the Forbidden Journey ride in the Harry Potter section of the park.  We went straight to the ride and there was already a 20 minute wait.  Turns out, it takes about 20 minutes to walk through the castle to get to the front of the line Smile.  The ride itself was kind of interesting.  It was a cross between the Haunted Mansion and the old Back to the Future ride.  You were in a chair that went along a track.  The chair would rock and roll in all directions, and occasionally you’d stop in front of a big screen and it would turn into more of a motion ride.  Overall it was pretty cool – my only complaint is that I couldn’t follow the story for the ride.

We split up for a bit – Ryan and I grabbed some breakfast, while the girls went on Dr Doom again.  Then the girls went into the main gift shop while Ryan and I went back to Harry Potter for a bit.  After the girls were done shopping, they went over to the other park.  When Ryan and I were done w/Harry Potter and walking out, Melissa called – Kim lost her phone.  Well, I went to the gift shop, and sure enough Kim had left her phone on the counter.

After that Ryan and I went over to Universal Studios to meet the girls.  We went on the Simpsons ride and then grabbed some lunch.  We then ran over to the movie theater to see Harry Potter in IMax 3D.  After the movie we went back to Universal for a bit – did the Terminator 3d show and then Ryan and I went back to the room while the girls went on one last roller coaster.

After hanging out in the room for a bit, Ryan, Melissa, and I went to the city walk to Bubba Gumps for dinner.  While we were eating, a massive thunderstorm came through and trapped us there.  We stayed for dessert and then some waiting for the rain to stop.  I was watching the weather radar on my phone and we made a break for it when the rain let up a bit.  We got a little bit wet, and there was still quite a bit of lightning and thunder, but we made it back to our rooms ok.

Day 31

Check out day.  Everyone elected to sleep in today.  We got up around 9:30 or so, packed everything up and checked out of the hotel.  We drove back to the motorhome and got it situated for living in.   I also did some work on the tow bar for the Jeep.  When we last towed the Jeep, I couldn’t get the bars to retract all the way.  So I got out the lube and a rubber mallet and started to beat on it.  I got them to retract all the way, but they don’t want to come out very easily.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get the Jeep attached tomorrow.  I thing the retractable bars are slightly bent, making them difficult to slide.  Unfortunately, they seem to be getting worse.  When we were at Camping World on Friday, I looked at a new one…only $1200.  Eek!

Kim and I made an afternoon run to the grocery store to get the rig stocked back up again.  I also started looking at our route home.  The kids all want to get home as fast as they can.  Following my original pace, we’d be home late on August 1st.  I did some planning with longer days, and found a pace that wasn’t too crazy and could potentially get us home by July 28th.  We’ll try hitting the earlier date for the next couple of days, and if it is making people too crazy, we’ll slow down a bit.


  1. The story for the Harry Potter ride is set up as you go through the castle. When you walk straight through to the loading area and aren’t ‘stuck’ in line to hear the dialogue (for example, in the Defense against the Dark Arts classroom) it’s hard to get the story. It took us three times through to get the whole thing.

    1. I haven’t seen the non-IMAX version, so I can’t make a good comparison. The seats were awesome cushy seats though. Not sure paying extra for 3D is worth it, but I think that aboiut most 3D movies.

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