Day 29: We fixed it!

Today we took the motorhome to Camping World to get the oil changed and to have them look at the water heater and the rear slideout.  We got up a bit early so we could get to the RV park and move the rig to Camping World by 10a.   We got things dropped off and bought a few supplies while we were there (fun stuff like holding tank chemicals).  Afterwards we went back to the hotel while we waited for them to call and let us know how long it would take to fix the water heater and the slide.

When we got back to the room, I started editing photos while waiting for the call from Camping World.  I don’t know why I just don’t use my big camera all of the time.  The pictures just come out better, and if I get a marginal shot, I can fix the raw file much easier than a jpeg.  I have it set up to shoot both raw and jpeg, and the colors come out better on the raw – I wonder if I need to set the colorspace for the jpegs.

After a bit we started getting hungry, so we went down to the restaurant by the pool and ordered some food.  The food was good, the service was a bit slow.  While we were eating, Camping World called and let us know that our motorhome was done.  The water heater was just a loose wire.  They said the rear slide issues was because the battery was low on water.  They lubed the slide and called it good.  Hopefully the issue was caused by some binding because topping off the battery isn’t going to do anything – I always run the engine while I operate the slides.

Kim and I jumped in the Jeep to retrieve the motorhome.  On the way, we made a quick stop at Walmart to pick up some critical supplies.  As we moved the motorhome back to the spot, it started to rain (at about 1:30p).  Well, it has been raining ever since.  I had the news on for a bit and the central Florida area had 40,000 lightning strikes this afternoon.

No parks today because of all the lightning and rain.  Tomorrow, we plan to use our early entry to go back to that Harry Potter section of the park to do the last of the Harry Potter rides that we can’t express pass through.  At 12:30, we’ve got IMAX tickets for the latest Harry Potter movie, and then we will probably head over to Universal Studios for the evening.


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