Day 27 & Day 28: We made it to Florida

Internet access is $10/day at the hotel and I left my.mifi in the motorhome, so I’m blogging from my phone tonight. I may pay for access tomorrow to upload a bunch of pictures.

Yesterday, we powered through to Orlando with just a couple of bathroom breaks. The hotel we are staying at does not have room for the motorhome, so we booked a spot at an TV park about 20 minutes away. We got the least expensive spot they had, closed up the mh, set the a/c for 85 and then took the jeep to the Hard Rock Hotel. The TV park actually looked kind of nice, although there was a warning about bothering the alligators in the stream and pond…

Today we got up at 6:40a ish so we could do early entry to the park. The first thing we did was get in line to get a wand from Ollivander’s. After waiting about an hour, we saw a cool little show of someone in our group picking out their wand. Don’t think it was worth the wait cool though. We thought you had to go through it to get the wand…turns out you can get them all over.

We then went on a small rollercoaster called “The flight of the Hippogryph”. It was pretty slow and tame – even Ryan went on it.

Then it was off to breakfast at the Three Broomsticks. We had passes so it didn’t take very long to get our food and drinks.

The first big rollercoaster of the day was the Dragon Challenge. Unfortunately, Taylor was not tall enough to go on it, and Ryan didn’t want to go on it, so I hung out with the little kids while Kim and Melissa went. Once they were done, Ryan decided that he wanted to go, so Ryan, Melissa, and I went. It is a hanging coaster with two tracks. It keeps flipping you around so it looks like you are going to run into the other one. This turned out to be Ryan’s favorite ride so far.

Then it was time to leave the Harry Potter section and head to the Jurassic Park ride. Ryan decided he doesn’t like water rides, so we left him at the stroller pickup while the rest of us went on the ride (and got soaked).

We also tried to go on a log ride (that Ryan wouldn’t go on). But it broke before we got to the front. We waited for a bit, but gave up before it was fixed.

Melissa and Taylor went on Dr Dooms ride, which was basically a giant frog hopper. Kim, Ryan, and I were just fine sitting that one out.

The last ride that I went on was The Hulk rollercoaster. Only Melissa went with me – Taylor was too short, and Ryan didn’t want to go (Although they went on the dr doom ride – Ryan never really said if he liked it). The hulk was a regular rollercoaster that you spent as much time upside down as right side up. Both Melissa and I thought it was the best ride there.

Went back to the room in time to miss the afternoon thunderstorm. Spent some lazy time hanging out, and then went to dinner ar the restaurant in the hotel. Afterwards, Melissa, Ryan, and I went back to the park for Butterbeer.

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  1. Can’t wait to see some photos! Carter has been pretending that Ryan is around a lot. Especially when he yells, “NO Ryan! Get out of my room!” lolol. This morning he took the photos of Taylor and Melissa and carried them around with him – he is missing everyone! The park sounded fun, curious if you think it would be worth the trip or if Disneyland is better.

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