Day 25: Shopping, the Beach, and a Show

Miles Today: 0
Miles Total: 3568
Weather: Sunny, Lower 90s
Consecutive Days with a cow sighting: 3

Kim and Ryan got up this morning and drove to the eyeglasses store to get Ryan a new pair of glasses.  Apparently they had to send Kimmy a picture of every frame in the store for approval.  I don’t have a picture of them, but Kimmy might be able to post one!

Once they got back from the store, we decided to walk over to the beach.  The walk is about a mile over flat terrain, so it doesn’t take very long to get there.  The beach was crowded today (even on a Monday), but the weather was nice and the water felt good.  We took turns jumping in the surf and guarding our stuff…Of course, Melissa lost her sunglasses today – I almost lost mine, but they float :).  We stayed at the beach until the tide came in enough (after moving 3 times) to force us to leave.  Also needed to get back to take showers anyhow because we were going to a show tonight.


Once we were done with showers, it was off to the show.  We went to Medieval Times – they put on a horse/fighting/jousting show while you eat dinner.   We were there a bit early so Ryan and time to get an appropriate hat.

IMG_0008 We then walked through a museum of various torture equipment.  I’m glad I wasn’t around to make anyone mad back then!  We were in the front row of our section (supporting the blue knight) and our knight came over and gave Taylor a flower.


The show was fun and the kids had a great time!


Going to do a fairly long drive tomorrow – almost all the way to Florida.  On Wednesday we have a 1p checkin for the campground we are staying at, and then a 4p checkin at the hotel.  So, we want to make the Wednesday drive fairly short.  I think  I we are going to drive separately until the first fuel stop – I’m curious as to how much better mileage I get w/o the Jeep attached. I also made an appointment for an oil change on Friday – we will be at about 4000 miles since our last oil change.


One comment

  1. I get almost 2 MPG better hauling the motorcycle instead of pulling the Jeep. That is a non trivial 27% fuel savings. On a trip like yours at todays fuel prices, that’s about a $650 savings. Plus, in states like California, you can do 70 MPH instead of 55 MPH, but the MPG goes down if you do. Hassle free fueling and parking, too. On our upcoming Florida Trip I am thinking of renting a car when I need one. Tolls are cheaper w/o the Jeep, too. Debating hauling the KLR 650 or two lighter, street legal motorcycles. Probably end of hauling BOTH the two motorcycles and the Jeep just cuz. The kayaks go on top of the Jeep, though with two motorcycles, I might be able to haul them too since they are inflatable kayaks.

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