Day 24: Back to the Beach

Miles Today: 181
Miles Total: 3568
Weather: Sunny, Lower 90s
Consecutive Days with a cow sighting: 2

Well, we are back at the beach again – Myrtle Beach, SC now.  It is actually sunny this time!  Only about a 3 hr drive today.  We slept in and were lazy about getting ready to leave, so didn’t pull out of the site until 11:00a or so.  We immediately stopped to fill up the propane – the gauge has been on 1/3 for 3 days now.  Only put in 6.9 gallons – since they aren’t allowed to put a full 18 gallons in the tank, I figure this was about 1/2 a tank to go.  So, we should be good until we get back home.  Once the propane was topped off, drove down the street and filled up with fuel. Today we decided to drive the Jeep separately from the motorhome.  Seems like the MH is getting significantly better mileage – the needle is still above F after driving all day.

Since Kim was driving the Jeep and was not following me, she needed a GPS.  So, she bought the garmin app for her WP7.  The app worked great – the UI is very similar to my dedicated unit, and it only cost $39.  I think the unlimited map updates for my Garmin cost $89.  The main problem is the battery life of the phone.  The battery did not last the entire drive and she doesn’t have a car charger 😦

We are staying at the KOA at Myrtle Beach.  The campground is quite nice.  The sites are larger than a normal KOA and there are lots of trees around.  There is a big swimming pool as well as a water “play” area with fountains for the kids to run through.  They also have a big bouncy thing like the last KOA.  Used the point and shoot to take a poor picture of the site.


Walked to the store w/Kim to get snacks, and they were selling frogs…Kim said I couldn’t have one, so I took a picture instead.


We made our reservations for Universal today.  We are staying in the Hard Rock hotel so we can get early entry to the park (so we can get to the Harry Potter stuff first).  We also get passes to the front of the line for several of the rides.  Not sure how this works since everyone staying at a hotel on site gets the same pass…seems like that just makes it the regular line.  When Kim checked her email, she had several confirmations for the hotel, so we need to call back tomorrow and make sure that we don’t have multiple reservations (I can only afford one reservation).

Tomorrow, Kim and Ryan are going to get Ryan new glasses first thing in the morning – he will be banned from all water activities if he has his glasses on.  This seems to be the mini-golf capitol of the world, so we’ll probably try a round or two, and then hit the beach.



  1. I was waiting for feedback on that Garmin app. I have anoter one but the Garmin looks like a sweet deal. Looks like it is like a good one. I put the Trophy in the bean bag mount for the 76CSx and drilled a hole in the side for the charging cable. Otherwise the program I was using drains the battery fast. Also no navigation if you can’t get cell reception. Do they have downloadable maps too?

  2. Love your blog…brings back so many memories! Have a wondeful time…and we wish you no more mishaps!

    We are all moved into the Flathead place. It was overwhelming to get packed up for two places (partially anyway….) and take both a UHaul truck and trailer to MT. We spent the first 3 days living in the RV while we put things away and while I SCRUBBED walls, cupboards and all other surfaces with disinfectant. Now we are moved in, clean, and in the process of getting pictures hung and contact paper in…but it’s been about 7 long days. Tuesday we drive to Hungry Horse for a few days of R&R and then it’s back to Portland to pack up the rest of the house before the movers arrive. I leave for Tucson on the 31st (Janine volunteered to drive down with me—-very grateful as I was uncomfortable doing it by myself in case I had car trouble or…whatever!). Laura flies down on the 7th and starts school the 8th. Brian and Gary drive a car down on the 7th and Brian starts at USC mid-August. We are very happy with our life change, but this has been the most stressful year of my life by far. Hope you will come visit (and seek sun!) after we get settled. For the first time, I will have a dedicated guest room and bathroom so am looking forward to the company :-).

    Off to bed now. Anxious to hear about your adventures again tomorrow!

    1. Sounds like a lot of work, but an exciting change! We are going to miss you by a few days or we could have stopped in Tucson and put the kids to work unloading things for you. Do I have to pay rent for the room? I figure I’d show up Nov 1st and leave Apr 1st 🙂

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