Day 23: Heading West! (sorta)

Miles Today: 170
Miles Total: 3387
Weather: Cloudy, rainy, sunny, upper 80s

Consecutive Days with a cow sighting: 1

We left the Outer Banks today, which is the farthest point east that we will travel.  So, from this point forward, we’ll be heading west, with quite a bit of south then north mixed in.  We were getting dogged with thundershowers as we prepared to leave this morning.  I got things unhooked and moved the rig around to attach the Jeep in between showers.  As I was hooking up the Jeep, it started to rain again, and I rushed through it…oops didn’t actually hook the brake onto the brake pedal.  Good thing there wasn’t any hard braking today.  It’s strange that I didn’t notice when I hit the test button – the arm must have been pushing into the floor, driving the brake back into the seat.  Of course it started to absolutely dump on Kim when she went out to do the light check.

For the first hour or so of the drive we were stuck in the pouring rain, with a little bit of lightning.  We did not have ferry reservations, so we backtracked a bit and went east for quite a bit before turning south.  This got us out of the thunderstorms.  Kim called the Verizon store in New Bern, NC and they had a Trophy in stock, so we had them hold it to replace Melissa’s phone that Kim took swimming with her yesterday.

The batteries in the spot finally died today.  I’m surprised at how long they lasted.  I changed them before my North Cascades motorcycle ride.  So there were two full days of riding, plus I left it on overnight after I got home.  Then all of the driving days up till now – 11 more days.

We decided to stay at the KOA near New Bern.  This ensured that we had a place to park the rig while we retrieved Melissa’s new phone and it is still a reasonable drive to Myrtle Beach tomorrow.  The first nice thing is that we seem to be out of the thunderstorms now…they were in the forecast for the afternoon, but the sky stayed clear for the most part.  The campground is ok.  The sites are a bit tight, but there is a nice playground for the kids, a swimming pool, and a fishing pond.


Taylor and Ryan spent a bunch of time playing on the playground and playing a bit of basketball with the other kids at the campground.


After the playing, we went out to dinner at a local burger place.  They had great burgers and fries.  Melissa is already wearing out her new phone.


After dinner, the campground had a group movie in the indoor pavilion – Finding Nemo.  Taylor and Ryan went to watch the movie while the rest of us hung out in the motorhome.

Tomorrow we are heading down to Myrtle Beach, SC.  It is about a 3 hour drive from here – we’ve got reservations for the next couple of days down there.  Hopefully we’ll be able to spend a couple of sunny days at the beach!


One comment

  1. Figured your SPOT batteries died. I was thinking of upgrading to your SPOT model since they have a deal going now. I think my batteries last forever. Another good ride report.

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