Day 21 and Day 22: Two Days at Once!

Day 21:

Miles Today: 120
Miles Total: 3217
Weather: Cloudy, rainy, Lower 80s

Consecutive Days with a cow sighting: 1

This day was a travel day.  Escaping from our campsite was the first excitement of the day.  First we had to go under a very low hanging wire – I made Kim get out and verify that we would make it.  Then we had to make it around some tight corners with cars parked in poor spots.  Then we stopped to top off our propane at the office and everyone was away at lunch!

We then started off toward the Outer Banks.  Once we got to Nags Head, the gps kept routing us down funky side streets.  Nags Head is a tourist trap town, and very crowded – so maneuvering the motorhome around some of the corners was a bit exciting.  To add on to it, a nasty thunderstorm hit about the same time we were driving through, flooding a lot of the side roads.

The road down the outer banks is nice – seems like a brand new road.  There were many places to pull out and view the sites.  Also, go past the Kittyhawk memorial, although we didn’t stop.  We made it to our campsite in a town called Waves.  The campground is just a big parking lot, but it is right next to the beach – of course the Island is not even a mile wide here, so anywhere would be right on the beach 🙂

Day 22

Miles Today: 0
Miles Total: 3217
Weather: Cloudy, rainy, Lower 80s

Consecutive Days with a cow sighting: 0 – back in a cow slump

Today has been pretty nasty.  Rain squalls (with a little thunder) rolled through all day long.  Before lunch, the kids made it out to the playground for a bit and bounced on the “big bouncy thing” for a bit before the rain chased us back inside again.


Inside we watched a movie for a bit while it rained and rained (ok I took a nap as well)


After the movie and rain were done, we decided to head to the beach for an adventure.  We started by flying the kites that we brought.  Melissa and Ryan had a good start, but Kim and Taylor tangled theirs up after about two minutes.



I went to help Kim untangle the line.  Eventually Melissa and Ryan grew bored of flying the kite and went to help Taylor work on a sand castle.  While Kim and I were trying to untangle things, Ryan came over and told us that his glasses fell into the water.  Kim ran over to help search for the glasses, forgetting that she had Melissa’s cell phone in her pocket, which then got totally soaked.  After giving up on the glasses, Taylor lost one of her shoes of the side of the walkway on the way back, which I could actually recover.  Needless to say, morale was at an all time low when we got back to the motorhome.

Taylor and Kim took a shower while the rest of us hung out…by the time they got back everyone seemed to be in a better mood.  We hiked over to the snack bar to grab some dinner and then hit the store to get some desert and more postcards to send to the grandparents.

We hit the road again tomorrow.  Our next big stop is supposed to be Myrtle Beach, SC.  However, the weather is supposed to be bad in the SE for the next week or so.  We may just skip the beach stop and keep heading further south.  We haven’t decided yet.


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