Day 20: Lighting and Thunder and Rain, Oh My!

Miles Today: 187
Miles Total: 3097
Weather: Cloudy, rainy, Lower 80s

Consecutive Days with a cow sighting: 0 – in a cow slump

Took off a little bit late today – decided to leave around 10a to avoid the DC area morning commute.  Worked out pretty well for us, hit a little bit of traffic going south on I95.

Met my cousin Patti and her husband Mike for lunch today in Fredericksberg, VA.  We had lunch at Red Robin, and hung out for about 1 1/2 hrs.  It’s been ~25 years since the last time we saw each other, so there was plenty to catch up on…Didn’t get a picture, so they don’t get to have famous faces in the blog. 

Went a bit further on down the road to a Flying J to get some fuel.  They had separate pumps for motorhomes, but the pump was moving extremely slow.  The guy in front of me walked over “blocked” one of the regular car pumps so I could get mine a little quicker.  The pay at the pump was broken so we had to go in and just have them put $200 on the credit card.  Well, didn’t use all $200 on the MH, but had enough room in the Jeep to use it up.  We had to move the rig forward to fill the Jeep, and forgot to put the gas cap on.  So, had to pull over at the next rest area to fix it.

While we were at the gas station, it looked like we were going to be driving into some nasty thunderstorms.  Well, we managed to dodge them for a long way, but they finally caught up to us in Newport News, VA.  Saw a bunch of lightning and it dumped rain on us.  The wind was not too bad though.  Got a little bit of lightning on the Contour:


We hit a little bit of traffic as we pulled into Chesapeake, VA.  We are staying at a big campground, it looks fairly nice, but we really haven’t been outside that much.  There are yellow flies all over that are supposed to have a nasty bite.  Also, as soon as I got the motorhome hooked up, another round of thunderstorms came through, and flooded out the campground – can’t really get out of the motorhome right now.

We did manage to get a spot on the Outer Banks, so that is where we’ll head tomorrow!


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  1. Cheers to you and Kim and family! Sorry to hear about the storm, that is such a bueatiful part of the county. I hope it is all nice in the morning and you get to enjoy it! I love your adventure! hugs!

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