Day 18: Oh Crap! It’s the 4th of July

Miles Today: 0
Miles Total: 2911
Weather: Cloudy, Upper 80s

Consecutive Days with a cow sighting: 0 – in a cow slump

We got Melissa back today! She was staying in Virginia, almost on the exact opposite side of DC from us.  According to the GPS, it would take almost an hour to get there.  So I set off at about 9a to get her at 10a.  Fortunately today is a holiday…there is tons of road construction on the route I took and it would have taken forever had there been any traffic.  There was plenty of parking at the hotel and picking up Melissa was pretty much a non issue.

When I returned to the motorhome, it was time to dump the holding tanks.  The grey water was all the way full and the black water was at about 2/3rds.  Well, I got the hose screwed into the receptacle in the ground, and then popped the cap off of the hookup on the RV side.  At this point, black water started dumping all over the inside of my utility compartment.  Fortunately I had the hose ready to go, so I shoved it on – normally I don’t do this, I hook it into the motorhome side first.  Dunno why it leaked…may not have had the valve closed all the way or there could have been something in there keeping it from totally closing.  Once the black water was done draining. I filled the tank up w/water again – I went and listened in my utility compartment and did not hear anything draining, so things seem to be sealing again.  Then I dumped everything again.  Cleaning it up was lame, but I disinfected everything and let it air out all day.

While I was getting Melissa and cleaning up the crap, Kim was getting laundry done, and then cleaned up the motorhome.  We then made a run to the store with just the two of us.  One advantage of having the 16 year old back is that we get free babysitting again :).  So, much of today was doing “housework”.

For 4th of July festivities, nobody felt like fighting the crowds to get downtown, so we decided to have our own BBQ and a fire.  One thing about the wood that we’ve been buying (throughout the trip once our Washington wood was gone), it’s all wet.  So it is hard to get the fire started, even w/a firestarter.  You also get more of a teapot sizzling sound than a real fire crackle.  Once it got dark, we made some jiffy pop and got out the sparklers (the only fireworks allowed in the campground).  As we wrapped up, it was starting to rain a bit, so the timing was perfect.

Tomorrow I think we are going to head into DC and go to the National Archives – we would like to see the Declaration of Independence.   Melissa did not get to see it on any of her conference adventures.  After that they want to go to an actual shopping mall and go shopping.  We do need to be back a bit early to get ready to leave the day after.



  1. LAME!! You were all the way in Washington DC on the fourth of July and YOU DIDN’T GO SEE THE FIREWORKS in the city? That is the one place in the entire country where you would want to experience the fourth!!!

    1. You had to be at the National Mall by noon to get a spot – most of the mall was occupied by a folk festival. Then on the way home, you got to be packed on the metro like sardines. I might have gone if I didn’t have any kids with me…with kids it was a big no way.

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