Day 17: A Thunderstorm in my Bathroom

Miles Today: 0
Miles Total: 2911
Weather: Sunny, lower 90s

Consecutive Days with a cow sighting: 0 – in a cow slump

The thunderstorms came rolling through in the middle of the night last night.  Woke me and Kim up around 4a.  She got up to go to the bathroom and it was pouring down rain.  Oops, we left the ceiling vent open all night.  Nothing like a little refreshing rain when you are half asleep.

Today we went into town to see the museums.  We left the rig about 10:30a to go catch the Metro.  The weather was warm and the humidity was high from all of the rain last night.  When we got to town, we decided to split up – the girls wanted to see different museums than the boys and we weren’t going to have time to hit them all.

Ryan and I started off by going to the Museum of American History.  They have a cool exhibit set up about the National Anthem.  They had small set of displays that talked about the war leading up to the battle at Fort McHenry.  Then they had the actual flag that was above the fort that inspired the song.  You were not allowed to take pictures, so you’ll have to go to the exhibit yourself (or search the internet).  This museum was ok, we went to a couple of exhibits that were so-so.  There was a pretty good one on the presidents.  And we spent a lot of time in the “war” section where Ryan showed off his Call of Duty expertise by being able to name all of the WW II weapons.  Unfortunately, I had my lens on manual focus for a bunch of this museum so I lost a lot photos.  Fortunately, I did figure it out and fixed it.


They also had a piece of the twin towers on display


The next museum we went to was the Museum of Natural History.  We started off by grabbing some lunch at the snack bar.


This was the coolest of the museums yet.  Lots of displays of various fossils and nice large exhibits.  We started off by going through the ocean exhibit.  They had a cool Giant Great White Shark jawbone that I took a picture of (with someone else’s kids).


We then went into the Dinosaur section and got some pics of the t-rex



After the dinosaurs, we hooked up with Kim and Taylor who were done with the museums that they wanted to see.  I took the kids on a quest to find the dinosaur gift shop and let Kim rest.  Along the way we went through the Ice Age section of the museum.


After we were done at the gift shop, it was starting to get really crowded, so we decided to call it a day.  We returned to the motorhome just in time for a big thunderstorm, so we turned out all the lights and enjoyed the show.

Tomorrow morning I get to pick up Melissa at her hotel.  It is on the opposite side of DC from us, and looks to be about an hour drive.  It’s been 2 1/2 weeks since we’ve seen her – I think it is the longest that she has ever been away.  Hopefully she’ll be happy to see us and ready to continue our RV adventure.


One comment

  1. We put vent hoods over all of our roof vents after the Bailey’s left their roof vent open and an Arizona gusher thunderstorm hit while we were out exploring. It was the roof vent right above their bed.

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