Day 15: Time to see the sights

Miles Today: 0
Miles Total: 2911
Weather: Sunny, upper 80s

Consecutive Days with a cow sighting: 0

Lots of pictures today, to make up for the last couple of days.  I ended up using Kim’s camera with her 18-200 lens (it is an S lens, so it does not fit on my 1DMII), based on the types of sights we wanted to see today.  The pictures came out ok – all of the pictures in this post are unedited jpegs, I have the RAW files, just haven’t had time to clean them up.  Also, don’t have the right kind of lens for a lot of the building photos.  Really need a tilt-shift lens, but they are pricey and a specialty lens.

Decided to hit the town and see the sights today.   We are about a 20 minute drive from the metro station, and we got all day passes.  Our plan for today was to visit the memorials – it was hot, but the humidity was supposed to be low, and after today the humidity is supposed to spike.

Well, that lasted till we got there – the first place we went was the Air & Space Museum. Taylor was being cranky, which was making it so enjoyable for everyone.  We walked through the exhibits fairly quickly as the kids had short attention spans.  I could have spent most of the day in just this one museum.


Afterwards, we went outside to warm up – Taylor was too cold from the air conditioning :).  We got some drinks and ice cream (remember too cold), and relaxed in the shade.


Then we decided it was time to resume our scheduled plan.  Of course, all the monuments were on the far side of the national mall from our location, and it is a really long walk!  The first monument we came to was the Washington Monument.  Unfortunately, you have to get tickets to go inside, and they were all sold out for the day.


Next, we stopped at the World War II memorial.  This one was pretty cool.  There is a fountain area that you can dip your feet in and relax.


while we were waiting there, a helicopter came buzzing in toward the Whitehouse.  Don’t know if the prez is in town, or if this was just some other VIP.  The picture isn’t great – I may be able to clean in up with Photoshop.


We then walked past the DC War Memorial, which was closed for renovations, and on to the Korean War Memorial.


We then moved on to the Lincoln Memorial.


Had to rest after the Lincoln Memorial.


All of the cool shots of the Washington Monument are usually taken from the base of the Lincoln Memorial and you can see the length of the reflecting pond.  Well the big reflecting pond is being renovated, so it doesn’t make that cool of a picture, but I took it anyhow.


After this, we went to the Vietnam War Memorial – this is the one Taylor had been asking about all day.  She wanted to see the big black wall of names.


After this, we were getting worn out from all the walking.  Also, at this point, my cold decided to manifest itself by totally plugging up my right ear (but I can hear fine out of my left).  We fired up our cool DCMetro WP7 app, and it guided us to the nearest metro station which we took back to the car.  We went out to dinner before heading back to the rig.  Here is a picture of our site, which I should have posted yesterday.



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  1. That’s a lot of sight seeing and walking in one day! Tell the kids I can’t wait to hear what they have to say about it. Lame that several of them were either under construction or you weren’t able to get in! Hope it was fun and you survived the kids on a long day 😉

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