Day 14: We Made it!

Miles Today: 392
Miles Total: 2911
Weather: Sunny, 80s

Consecutive Days with a cow sighting: 0

We did it!  Travelled through Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, West Virginia (again), and Maryland.  Had some refueling challenges – The first place I pulled in (and barely fit) didn’t work out because the pump was broken.  But now I know that I will fit under a 12’10” roof.  The drive was pretty interesting lots of big hills that were close together.  I expect that my current tank is going to be my worst gas mileage yet from all of the ups and downs.  I also need to do a better job at timing our trips through the larger cities.  Today we hit the DC area traffic right at rush hour.

The campground we are at seems to be pretty nice.  There is a large pool with a lifeguard for the kids.  I took some pictures of the spot, but I’ll post them tomorrow, since I’m about to head to bed.   We got here after closing time, so I need to get up at 8a and go to the office to finish our registration.  Then we’ll figure out the best way to get into town from here.  We haven’t figured out a plan yet.

I also need to figure out what I’m going to bring with me for a camera.  We are likely going to be walking all day with the kids, and have no access to a car to store stuff in.  So I think I’m leaning toward Kim’s camera (20D), since it is lighter, and she has an S lens (which won’t fit on mine) that covers a nice zoom range.  I think I’ll sleep on it though.

This marks the end of the first stage of our trip.  Up to this point, we’ve been on a timeline to get to the DC area so we could pick Melissa up from her conference.  We’ve driven some long days, and skipped some places that we originally planned to go.  After we spend a week or so here, we’ll be on the road again, but the driving days should be shorter than they have up to this point.



  1. Even though your camera is heavier and the L lens is heavier – if you are considering blowing up and printing any of the photos, you may want to take your camera. The full frame will give you more to work with too. Plus, you need the workout of hauling it! Can’t wait to see the pictures!

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