Day 13: Tour through Lima, OH

Miles Today: 356
Miles Total: 2519
Weather: Sunny, 80s

Consecutive Days with a cow sighting: 2

Today started off with a decision about the route that we were going to take today.  We could continue on the same route and get tolled to death.  Streets and Trips routed us backwards a bit, then down to Indianapolis and then east, all on interstates.  The Garmin GPS, took us on the most direct route, with the majority of the roads being state highways.  We decided to go with the Garmin.

At first, this seemed like a poor choice.  The first 10 miles or so had a 40 mph speed limit and tons of construction.  After that, things opened up quite a bit with speed limits 55-65 with an occasional stoplight.  We only do 60 mph on the interstate anyhow, so this was definitely the better choice.  One of the drawbacks was getting fuel is a tad more challenging.  We did find a station w/easy access, however we scraped the pegs on the back of the motorhome pulling into the station – made lots of noise, and that’s it.

There were some navigational challenges.   The first one we encountered was a road that only has 12’3” clearance.  I haven’t actually measured the height of the motorhome, but the manual lists it at 12’4”.  I probably wouldn’t go under anything less than 13’.   Fortunately there was a sign before we turned down the road.  This ended up dumping us out in Lima, OH, which is an OK sized town, with some roads that are RV friendly, and some that are not.  So, we got to see quite a bit of the town, and Kim looked for the cast of Glee (some girly TV show that I don’t watch) the whole time.  The second issue was a detour in some dinky town in the middle of nowhere.  We went so far that we thought we missed the turn, except there weren’t any turns.  Eventually it came out to the main road that we were trying to get to anyhow.

We did make it to the Interstate, and cruised through Columbus, with just a little bit of traffic.  On the way out of town a robin tried to fly through my window, which doesn’t turn out good for the bird when I’m going 60mph.   We stopped in Zanesville for the night.  The campground is a little tight, but has a good play area for the kids and is far from the freeway (which was an issue last night).

No pictures today.  I’ve been slacking on the picture front.  We should get to our DC campsite tomorrow and that will give me more time for picture taking.


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