Day 12: Uh Oh, It’s Broken

Miles Today: 238
Miles Total: 2163
Weather: Sunny, 80s

Consecutive Days with a cow sighting: 1

Well, lot’s of things broke today.  First off, I was broken.  I started coughing in the middle of the night and couldn’t sleep as a result.  About 6:30a, I walked over to the 24 hr convenience store across the street to get some cough syrup.  After taking the drugs, I actually slept for about an hour. When I finally got up, I also had a temperature of 101.  So, I popped some Tylenol and started getting ready for the day.

As we were pulling onto the main street, one of the cupboard doors popped open, and a ceramic plates came crashing down and shattered all over the floor.  Kim did a quick clean up while we were driving, and put shoes on the kids since she couldn’t get at the vacuum.  About an hour later, we pulled over at a rest area so we could break out the vacuum and finish cleaning up.  I laid down on the bed while Kim vacuumed…I woke up 2 hours later, but felt much better.  However, this caused us to go through Chicago at the peak of rush hour.

While we were driving down the road, Kim hooked us up with a spot a Jellystone Park in Portage, IN.  It is a huge park, with a private lake.  Most of the spots appear to be leased out on a more permanent basis.  The site isn’t too bad except that it is about 100 yards from the freeway.

The last thing that broke – Kim opened the cupboard, and one of the bowls came crashing down and shattered all over the counter…I suppose we should go to wally world and by more plastic stuff.  That being said, we’ve been doing the RV thing for quite a while, and I don’t ever recall breaking any dishes.

Tomorrow, we are going to swing south.  We got hammered by tolls on I90 today, and we can avoid them without adding that much more time to our trip.




  1. I highly suggest Corelle type dishes. They are tough to break and are pretty lightweight. Maybe not the time to replace your dishes now, but for future they are nice. =) Hope you get to feeling better Scott!

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