Day 10: Double Digits

Miles Today: 0
Miles Total: 1925
Weather: Sunny, Upper 70s
Consecutive Days with a cow sighting: 7

Well, last night was a tough night.  My cold caught up with me and I didn’t sleep very well.  Had a slight fever when I got up in the morning.  Kim got the kids ready this morning and took them over to the park while I tried to get some extra sleep.  I took a shower and did some work on a video that I posted on facebook.  Also cleaned up the motorhome a bit before heading over to join kim and the kids.

I met Kim and the kids by the Zeus coaster – they had already gone on the Pegasus coaster and on one of the go-kart tracks.  Ryan decided that the Zeus was too big and he wanted to go try the Pegasus coaster again.  Well, we get to the front of the line and decide to sit at the front of the coaster.  Not a good choice – it freaked Ryan out and he was done with roller coasters for the day.


Ryan and Taylor then went on a “swing” ride, and then we did another of the go-kart tracks.  Taylor is not tall enough to ride by herself, so she rode with me…We ended up in a slow car.  I floored it the entire way, and we were still getting passed by everyone.


we walked around the park a bit after that.  Ryan won a stuffed animal at a squirt gun race game…we were pretty much guaranteed to win since Ryan and Taylor were the only people racing.  We checked out the indoor theme park and the indoor water park since there are supposed to be severe thunderstorms tomorrow and we’ll likely be stuck inside.

Went back to the motorhome to hang out and be mellow.  The kids did not want to go out to dinner, so Kim and I walked across the street and picked up a frozen pizza.  So, we had mac and cheese w/pizza for dinner – all perfect for our diet.


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