Day 9: We are Greek Gods!

Miles Today: 359
Miles Total: 1925
Weather: Cloudy, Upper 60s
Consecutive Days with a cow sighting: 6

Slept in a bit this morning.  Both Kim and I have caught a bit of a cold, but nothing serious enough to slow us down.  The challenge of the day was pulling out of our spot.  People parked their cars such that it was difficult to navigate…we ended up going the “long way” around to get out.  But, did not have to unhook the Jeep.

While driving down the road, Kim secured us a spot at an RV park near Washington DC for June 30 – July 6 (our third choice).  We are contemplating getting a hotel in DC for the night of the 4th so we don’t have to fight the crowd out of town after the fireworks.  We’ll probably talk to the people at the RV park to figure out the best location to watch fireworks.

Not a whole lot interesting happened on the drive today…Wisconsin seems to have the most deer roadkill of all the states we’ve been through so far (you know I’m reaching for a topic now…).  The rest areas here have play areas…


We are staying at Zeus village RV park, which is part of the Mt Olympus theme park. It was not in my GPS, and the directions in Woodall’s were not very good.  We ended up missing our turn.  The traffic was nasty, and we had to drive quite a ways before we could turn around and come back to the park.

Our spot is basically a double-wide parking space with a tree on each side.  Immediately behind us is a go-kart track.  Needless to say, we won’t be spending a lot of time around a campfire here.


Walked across the street to a seafood and steak place for dinner.  Turns out it was a buffet…Kim and I love going to buffets (not!).  Of course, the kids liked it.  After dinner we came back to our prime spot and watched a movie before bed.



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