Day 8 (and more Day 7): Lot’s of Driving

Miles Today: 435
Miles Total: 1567
Weather: Cloudy, Upper 60s
Consecutive Days with a cow sighting: 5 – we saw one yesterday!

I’ll start out with a recap of dinner and the show from yesterday.  Dinner was at the pitchfork steak fondue.  We got there a bit early and I only brought the point and shoot camera, and of course this was a time when I really wished I had one of the big cameras with me.  The restaurant (and show) are located at the top of a plateau overlooking the valley.  Down in the valley, there were a bunch of elk – we debated if they were wild or a private herd.  There were 12’ fences everywhere, and the bulls were separated from the cows, so I think they were private.  I suppose I could look it up on the internet (but I’m too lazy). They were way off in the distance, so these are zoomed/cropped:



Dinner was pitchfork steak fondue.  They put the steaks on pitchforks and cook them fondue style.  Unfortunately they serve all of the steaks medium, and Kim and I are more medium-rare to rare kinda people.  They still came out ok – even the kids had steak and liked them.


after dinner, we went to the Medora Musical.  If you like country music (uh, I don’t), then this was the show for you (uh, not me).  They talked about the history of the area and sang lots of country hits (most of which I’ve never heard).  They had also brought in a ventriloquist / comedian who was quite funny.  The kids loved the show, they were quoting lines from in the car all day today.  So, I suppose it was worth it.  At the beginning of the show, they invited all the kids down on the stage.IMG_0023

But wait, this is the day 8 entry, what happened on day 8!  Well, a whole lotta driving happened.  We went almost the entire width of North Dakota and about 100 miles into Minnesota.  We saw the World’s Largest Holstein Cow and the World’s Largest Buffalo.  There was a sign for the World’s Largest Sand Crane, but we couldn’t see it from the road. 

We are staying at the Oak Park Campground in Garfield Minnesota.  It seems to be nice, the sites are large and have grassy areas.  There is a pool for the kids (which they jumped into as soon as we arrived), and a nice playground as well.  It may be a little tight getting out without unhooking the jeep though.  Here is the site:


We have made some revisions to our itinerary – the kids want to stay an extra day at Mt Olympus and skip Cedar Point (sorry Kareem!),  and Kim’s cousin is going to be out of town, so we are skipping Philadelphia.  We’ve locked in on our dates for the DC area…one problem – our 1st choice for an RV park is full, our second choice is only available for the first two nights.  We’ve come up with a bunch of alternatives, and will be making phone calls tomorrow.


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