Day 6: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Miles Today: 142
Miles Total: 1132
Weather: Sunny, upper 70s
Consecutive Days with a cow sighting: 3

Last night was an interesting night.  First, a car alarm went off near our campsite, and woke us up.  This was followed by the train that needed to sound it’s horn every 15 seconds.  And to top it off, Taylor thought she was an airplane and tried to fly off the top bunk, and had a rude awakening when she hit the floor.  She spent the rest of the night with me and Kim.


The ride today was fairly short, but scenic as well.  We topped off the tank in Glendive and we got an awesome 7.19 mpg – our best yet.  We pulled into Theodore Roosevelt National Park around 12:30p and went straight to the campground.  On the way there, we passed a couple of Bison and a prairie dog town.  We looped around the “large” side of the campground and got a spot – 1/2 of the campground is closed to recover from flooding.  The picnic table area is still pretty muddy from the flooding…seems like it should be dry about the time we leave Smile.  The best animal encounter of the day happened as we got back from registering for the site – a huge snake was exiting our campsite.  The snake was every bit of 4’ long, it was by far the largest I’ve ever seen outside of a zoo.  Not sure what kind it was, but it was not a rattlesnake.  Unfortunately did not get a picture.


After we had some lunch, we went back to the visitor center.  Of course I left my National Park book in the MH, so I couldn’t get it stamped (I’ll do that tomorrow).  Watched a short film on the park, and looked through the exhibits.  The kids got junior ranger workbooks, and will be working on them as we go through the park tomorrow.

After the visitor center, we went out to town and the kids played in a playground that looked like a miniature old west town.  That was followed up by a quick round of mini golf. Both Taylor and Ryan got a hole in one (on different holes).  But that was not enough to overcome my serious golf skills.


Went back to the RV and ran generator to charge all of the electronics (I couldn’t miss a day of blogging) and made some dinner.  After dinner, we made a campfire and hung out for a bit.  Tomorrow we are going to drive through the park – hopefully we’ll get some good pictures.



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