Day 5: On the Road Again

Miles Today: 385
Miles Total: 982
Weather: Sunny, upper 70s
Consecutive Days with a cow sighting: 2


Took a quick picture of the rig at Heidi and Doug’s place before we took off this morning.  We got started around 8:30a and went south toward I90 on highway 287.  There was tons of road construction (destruction?) – thought we might have to park the motorhome and drive the Jeep instead.  The most exciting part was the bridge work that gave me about 6” of clearance on each side of the rig.  It was nasty.  There is a gas station at the intersection of I90 and 287 that we wanted to hit…As we got close and could see the station, the construction started again, and we had to wait about 15 minutes to get through.  Topped off the tank and got a whopping 6.02 mpg.  This should be the worst mileage on the trip – we went over 3 mountain passes on that tank.

One of the challenges is keeping the kids occupied…well not really, we have more electronics than the DoD with us.  But we do want to occasionally distract them from their gameboys, ipads, ipods, etc.  To encourage them to do more exercise, everyone is wearing a pedometer, and we are having a daily contest to see who can take the most steps.  Taylor hates to lose, so she runs around every rest area that we stop at.  While we were at Heidi and Doug’s, she had a course she ran around, over and over and over.

And of course something has to break every day.  Today, the panel around my left rear wheels started to come off and flap in the breeze.


It looks like it was mostly being held on by some kind of adhesive.  My quick fix was to use a couple of cable ties.


On the inside, there was a hole in the frame that I could loop the tie through, to make sure that it would keep from vibrating off.


We are staying at the KOA in Miles City, MT.  The owners were really awesome.  After we paid, they gave us all free ice cream bars.  They also have cable hookups here…too many trees for sat, but I don’t have a coax cable with me to hook up.  They let me borrow one – after I got things set up and I was happy, I ended up taking it back and just buying one from them.

The spot we have is pretty nice, there are some trees around, there is some space between the spots, but it is still and RV park.  There is a small pool here, and the kids went straight over as soon as we parked.   We broke out the barbeque and made pork chops, and finished the night with a game of Apples to Apples.




  1. Duct tape, zip ties and a phillips screw driver is about all one needs…except for a coax cable. LOL. =) Hope you guys have a good adventure across ND. Looks like there is some major flooding there and you are heading in to mid-west storms (again); but we are hoping they go away and you bring the sun to them.

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