Day 3: Happy Father’s Day

Miles Today: 0
Miles Total: 595
Weather: Partly Cloudy, upper 60s
Consecutive Days with a cow sighting: 0 – no cows today Sad smile


Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!

We spent today in Helena, so no mileage added to the trip.  The day started off with breakfast in bed for me.  Taylor made (with supervision from Kim) scrambled eggs.  They were yummy.  Then Kim brought in some chocolate croissants, which were also very yummy.  For presents, I got a very sophisticated and sentimental card, a t shirt, and new sunglasses.  Thanks Kim, Melissa, Ryan, and Taylor!


after presents, I went out on the first run of my official half marathon training schedule.  You can see the splits/route here.  The goal for this run was to go for 45 minutes at a conversation pace…for me this would put my HR in the low 150s…only managed to stay there for half of it.  My pace was slower than I’d have liked as well.  Good thing I have until October to be ready.

After the run, I took a shower and we went out to lunch at The Staggering Ox.  This is my favorite restaurant in town…they make clubfoot sandwiches to your liking, I like the “three mile island” which basically has every flavor of meat they have.  Perfect meal for a post training run Smile.


All of the local dads came over for a barbeque at Heidi and Doug’s house.  Heidi and Doug cooked up some awesome steaks and salmon.  After dinner, a few of us played a little poker for fun (no money) and then called it a night.



  1. I got the very same sentimental card from, I think, Mark and Kimmy. Never checked inside to verify who it was from. I wonder if she can get an airbag exemption on her cars? Checked your training run. 230 BPM heart rate would put me on a stretcher. 154 BPM is the max they want me to let my heart go to.

    1. HR 230 is obviously a device failure – there is no way my heart rate was that high. The HR monitor on my garmin has been a little flaky lately, and shows spikes like that. It did the same thing on my run today.

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