Day 1: Time to hit the road

Today was the big day…we’ve started our big summer RV trip.  Right now, it is me, Kim, Taylor, and my nephew Ryan (Ryan has his own blog).  We will be picking up Melissa in Washington DC on the 4th of July.  On the trip, we’ll be travelling across the north part of the US to Washington DC, down the east coast to Orlando, back across the south to Dallas, and then back home to the Seattle area…of course, this is our plan now, we’ll see how it works out in the end.


Miles Today: 290
Miles Total: 290
Weather: Sunny, mid-70s
Consecutive Days with a cow sighting: 1


Of course, no big adventure could be pulled off without encountering any technical difficulties, and we hit our first one before we even left the driveway.  When we tested the lights on the jeep, the right turn signal went on when I hit the left turn signal in the motorhome, and no lights came on when I hit the right turn signal in the motorhome.  The problem stemmed from the fact that I hooked up the Jeep the other day to test out my TOAD-CHARGE.  When I pulled the normal electrical harness plug from the front of the Jeep, the housing came off.  Well, it is a symmetrical, round plug, and when I put it back on, I clearly did not have the holes in the plug aligned correctly.  I figure the fix would be no problem – I turned on the right turn signal on the motorhome, and then kept rotating the plug until the right turn signal on the Jeep came on, and then I would know that things were aligned correctly…Except, the right turn signal never came on.  So, I whipped out my multimeter and did a bunch of continuity tests.  Everything looked like it was connected properly.  I oriented the plug so nothing was flashing in front, and then asked Kim to go check if the tail-lights were flashing…When she checked the right turn signal was working.   At which point it dawned on me – the right front turn signal is burnt out in the Jeep!  So, that took about 20 minutes longer to fix than it needed to…

Then we were off!  Heading over the pass, we encountered the next issue – the thumpty thump of the concrete expansion joints caused my cool new TV mount to come free from the velcro on one side…the other side held ok though, so it did not swing out too far. I do have a helping hold it in for now, I may tweek the design a bit once we get to Helena.  Once we got to the top of the pass, I stopped at the rest area to check the Jeep and bikes to make sure everything was ok.


and the kids were having fun playing at the table


From there, we cruised through to Eastern Washington and stopped at the rest area just before Moses Lake for dinner.  The kids were have the ever so healthy corn dogs for dinner, and we needed to start up the generator to run the microwave.   The generator started, but no power to the MH…the circuit breaker on the generator had tripped.  That was the last of the problems for today.  Hopefully future travel days will be a bit less “interesting”.  We made it all the way to Spokane, and we are staying at everyone’s favorite campground.




  1. Carter said hi to the photo of Ryan and Taylor. Then started talking about how they were eating snacks at the table. Sounds like you had the normal start to a trip – hopefully this is it in terms of issues you encounter! Oh, and are you talking smack about me? My parents are right there! 😉

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