Summer RV trip–New TV sets!

The RV has two television sets in it – a large one up front for everyone and a small one in the bedroom.  Unfortunately, both of these TVs are old analog sets that can no longer get over the air broadcast.  We do have a satellite dish, however the local channels get lost once you get out of Washington…we’ll normally use over the air for the network channels.

Fortunately, we found someone to donate a 32” LCD to the cause (thanks Mark!) and I bought a 22” LCD for the bedroom.  Now the issue is mounting the sets – driving down the road, the motorhome is constantly vibrating and bouncing.  The TVs need to be mounted securely so they don’t vibrate loose.  I started with the bedroom TV first.  Turns out this one was very easy.  I just drilled out the stand and put 4 3/8” bolts through the bottom of the cabinet.  The weak point in this solution is probably the screws attaching the TV to the stand.  The finished product looks pretty good.


Didn’t take any “before” shots of the bedroom TV, however I did get one of the front TV.


The big problem with replacing the front TV is that the new one doesn’t actually fit inside the cabinet.  Since it is an LCD, it is relatively thin, so my plan was to mount it such that it hangs outside the cabinets.  To do this, I bought an adjustable LCD wall mount and planned on attaching it to the inside of the cabinet.  Once the old TV was out, I found that the cabinet is really a metal cage, so I had to build a mounting surface using a couple of strategically placed 1x4s.  Another issue that needed to be solved was how to hold the TV in place (keep the adjustable mount from adjusting) while going down the road.  Fixed that by using two long strips of industrial strength velcro down the sides.  The end result of the mount looks like:


it turns out that the mount is seeing very little load when the TV is in the viewing/travel position.  There base of the TV is actually resting on the floor of the cabinet, taking a good portion of the load.  The rest is on the two long velcro strips on the side.  The finished product:


You can get both cabinets on the sides open (barely).  It looks pretty good sitting still.  Still need to go for a test drive to make sure that it will hold in place while going down the road, but it shouldn’t be an issue.  One less thing to do before we leave!


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