Opening Day of Lingcod Season

May 1st was opening day of Lingcod season.  So, we made our traditional trip up to Anacortes to go after the big ones.  Grandpa and I went up on Saturday afternoon – we needed to go put the boat in the water so it would be ready to go first thing in the morning.  I bought an adjustable drop hitch for the new truck on the way up, slapped it on, backed the truck up to the boat by myself with the cool backup camera, hooked on the boat – Uh Oh, the plug doesn’t reach the outlet on the back of the truck!  After doing the rounds at the auto parts stores in Anacortes, we ended up getting a cool adapter at West Marine.   Once the trailer was plugged in, went over to Washington Park and dropped it in the water.IMG_0080

Tide change was around 9:45a, so we wanted to leave the dock around 7:30a.  Actually left around 7:45 and got to the secret spot around 8:15.  On the first pass through, Mark nailed one about 29” long.  Next pass, I got one that was barely legal (26”).  We ended up catching a few small ones, and a rockfish before catching a couple more keepers.  The limit is one – we had the whole boat limited by 9:45.

Towed the Jeep back from Anacortes so that Melissa will have a car to drive.  The new truck handled it without issues – got 13mpg on the way home.  Not too bad.

More Pictures….

Caught this one lookin Smile.


Mark and Ryan with one that was just a little too small – had to throw it back.


Awesome day!


Limits of Lings!


More pictures and a video can be found at



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