Starting up the adventure blog again!

Well, I’ve been inspired to fire up the adventure blog again.  I’m planning on taking another long RV trip again this summer – add onto that my new motorcycle habit, plus fishing, hunting and all the other stuff that I do, I figure I’ll have plenty to write about.

I’ve started out by importing my other blogs from typepad and msn spaces, and then trimmed them down to just my adventurous trips.  There really only three significant ones at this point: a 2 1/2 month trip that i did in 2004, going from Seattle to Key West and back – I didn’t do a good job of finishing out the trip blog as Michelle points out in her last comment; a 2 week trip to Disneyland in 2005; and a 1 month trip down the Rockies and back up the west coast.

Another interesting trip that I have done, but didn’t blog about was a 3 day adventure ride on my KLR650 last fall…You can see some vidoes on my Dad’s blog.

Currently my next scheduled adventure is to Palm Springs in a couple of weeks.  Heading down with the kids for spring break, and will do some motorcycle riding while we are there.


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