Day 27: a haunted lunch

Melissa spent the night with ellison’s last night. The rest of us came home and then slept in. Taylor made friends with one of the other kids at the rv park here. They played together while we waited for melissa to be delivered back to us. Harper and bailey had school today, so we were on our own till dinner time. We decided to head over to the beach for lunch. Ate lunch at the moss bay distillery which is supposed to be haunted. Melissa kept looking for the ghost in the blue dress, but we never saw her.

On the way back to the motorhome, we had to stop at a tennis store that kim had spotted earlier. She bought a couple of outfits while i just smiled and said yes, dear.

Went over to ellison’s for dinner again. Had some excellent steak and ribs, while the kids went swimming.

Big day tomorrow – going try to get to at least Eugene before calling it a night. We’ll see how traffic is when we leave tomorrow morning.

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