Day 25: Disneyland

"There’s no one in the world except for me!!!" – that should be the new theme song for Disneyland, as that is the attitude of 90% of the people there.  If you can’t tell, I’m sick of theme parks at this point :).  Was a bit tired to write things up last night, so I’m doing it today.  At some point, we are heading to California Adventure, for more theme park fun.
Got to Disney a little after it opened, went on the Buzz Lightyear ride (of course, I got the highest score 🙂 ).  Got a fastpass for Space Mountain and then went on Pirates.  Tried to get into the Blue Bayou, but they were booked up for the day.  Have lunch reservations today, so we’ll have to jump over to D-Land for lunch.
The highlight of the day was probably when Taylor got picked for Jedi training at one of the shows.  Took a video of her battling Darth Vader w/my new point and shoot camera.  I’ll see if I can figure out a way to get the video posted.
Yet another RV park scam – the city of Anaheim requires the dump hose to be air tight, of course, my adapter that fits in 10,000 different kinds of dump openings doesn’t fit in the ones here, so I had to buy yet another adapter at the RV park (first time this trip, on our last big trip we hit this issue way more).  I’ll be spending part of today putting the adapter on the hose so we can dump.
Start to head north tomorrow.  Probably will take 3-4 days getting back, depending on how hard we want to hit the driving.
Also, going to post some pictures, be sure to check out the picture of Taylor petting the cow yesterday.

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