Day 21: the zoo

Went to the San Diego Zoo today. Got there a bit late, so we grabbed some lunch. Followed this up with the petting zoo – it was all goats, kinda lame. Saw a bunch of snakes in the reptile house and then watched the sea lion show. Finished up with a bus tour and called it a day.

Got email late yesterday – a space opened up at northstar junior high (one of the lake washington school district choice schools) for Melissa. Spent much of today debating the school she should attend. In the end, we decided to send her to northstar.

Found a stuffed cow at the zoo – bought it to put on the dash while we are driving down the road.


  1. Congratulations to Melissa on her acceptance to Northstar.  I spent some time on their web site and the school looks interesting.  The concept of a "Choice School" is new to me, but it looks like a good thing for my "academically accelerated" granddaughter.  Too bad she will miss the get acquaited activity for newcomers.  I don\’t think the Sorting Hat will be used there, but you never know.  She has once again made her grandparents proud!  For those interested, check out for some general info.

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