Day 17: Go Seahawks!

Miles Today: 190
Miles Total: 2307
We are now in sunny San Diego (Chula Vista actually) – it is nice to be someplace with normal temperatures and near the ocean.  Pulled in about 1p – this is a very nice RV park w/huge marina as well.  We are here for 5 nights, but we have to move to a different spot in a couple of days (to a beach view spot, bummer I know).  Kim and I left the kids in the MH and went to lunch right down the street – it was pretty cool, kids weren’t old enough to do that last time around.
Went to Best Buy and bought a point and shoot camera for the theme parks.  Figured that the big cameras are too much of a pain to carry around when all we want is a quick picture w/mickey mouse.  Ended up getting a Canon SD 850 IS – it is a nice small size, hopefully it works well.
Sat around tonight and watched the football game.  Once it was over, hooked up the xbox for the first time on the trip.  Got an achievement offline – hopefully the online sync works :).
tomorrow, we are going to go to Sea World…don’t know that there will be any cows (but we did see one today).

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