Day 16: Going to California

Miles Today: 320
Miles Total:  2117
Today was a travel day.  Got out of williams at about 10a and drove and drove and drove.  In the middle of the mojave desert, we were down to 1/4 tank of gas – stopped to fuel (next stop was 60 mi away) and paid $4.29 a gallon for gas (about $1/gallon more than town).  We are staying in Yermo, CA (just outside of Barstow). It is hot, hot, hot here – 10p and still in the 90s.  Speaking of Barstow – Kim looked up a place for dinner in the gps and decided we should go to Ruby’s.  Well, it turns out Ruby’s here is not like the one in Redmond.  There aren’t any windows, and there are nightly dances.  The girls really enjoyed dinner there :).  (actually went to some other place down the street).
Tomorrow we move on to San Diego – we are staying in a fancy RV park in town. We’ll be there till Friday, when we move on to LA.
saw another cow today.

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