Day 13: there are arches here, aren’t there?

Spent the day going through arches national park. There are tons of cool rock fornations, but you have to go on hikes to see most of the arches. Since it was pushing 100 degrees, and we have a 5 yr old with us, we didn’t see too many arches. There are 4wd roads going through the park, but they are experienced/experts. Also, the jeep is making a funny clunking noise at low rpm.

Also, today we had a discussion about the cow rules – we bought a carton of milk with a cow on it. Here are the cow rules…a cow counts if:

1. It is a real live (or dead) cow.
2. A picture of a cow.
3. A statue of a cow.

It does not count if:
1. It was already counted once.
2. Intentionally searched for on the internet or through other means.


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