Day 12: It’s full of stars

Miles today: 228
Miles total: 1437

Moved down to moab, ut today. The fastest route was through Colorado where we had to go over an 8000 ft pass. Coming down was a little scary, but we made it ok. Filled up when we left this morning and got a spectacular 6.6 mpg.

We are staying just outside of moab. I’ve now found the one place in the world where people think i have a weenie jeep. Went into tow for dinner and to scout a place to do an oil change for the mh. I think i’ll wait till i’m in flagstaff.

Got back to the motorhome as it was getting dark. The sky was full of stars. The darker it got, the more stars you could see. Could clearly see the milky way. Got the telescope out and looked at a ton of different objects. Don’t know if i’ll ever get it out at home again.


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