Day 10: The internet is lame

miles today: 326.7
miles total: 1209

Our current location is Vernal, UT.  Made it here after a long days drive through Wyoming.  Most of central Wyoming was pretty boring – straight roads, slightly uphill, sagebrush everywhere, not much else to look at.  After we crossed through Rock Spring, things got a little more interesting – a nice curvy, hilly road.  Would have been fun in the Porsche.  As we descended into Vernal, traffic was stopped for an hour.  A big truck had come down the 9% grade too fast and rolled.

Had our first mechanical scare today.  As we were pulling out of Jackson, a guy waved me down and said my left rear outside tire was wobbling.  We took a quick peek on the side of the road and it looked like the tire was not on the rim correctly.  He piloted us back to a tire store in town (which was closed because it was sunday).  While parked there I pulled off the wheel liner – turns out the liner is bent slightly, so it fooled us on the tire/rim connection, as well as makes the tire look like it was wobbling.
Saw a bit of wildlife today – a ton of Antelope in Wyoming, a deer, and a coyote.  And of course, we saw a cow.
I’ve been trying to get wireless internet working for the last 2 hrs – got it for a little bit and uploaded a few pictures, then it stopped working.  My phone can’t connect, and kim’s is having intermittent issues as well.  So, I’m writing this entry in notepad and will hopefully get the opportunity to upload it tomorrow.

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