Day 8: Moving on

Miles today: 96
Miles total: 882

Moved from Yellowstone down to the Grand Tetons today. We made it through the park entrance (barely). Stopped at a parking area near Madison an watched some elk and geese while we ate lunch. Didn’t really see that many animals as we drove through the park today.

We are staying at the colter bay RV park. The spots are really nice – lots of trees. Our spot isn’t real level, the first time we put down the jacks, both front tires were off the ground (one was probably 4" or so). On the 3rd try, I gave up and got close to level w/leveling blocks, then finished the job with the jacks.

Went for a short bike ride around the camground and to the visitor center. Got stamps for the Grand Tetons and the Rockafeller parkway (road that connects Yellowstone with the grand tetons.

Bummer – no cows again today.



  1. Kim and Scott!  
    Good to hear about your trip!  It sounds like a pretty relaxing time!  How close to the Grizzley\’s were you?
    While it has been raining in the mornings here, it turns nice by afternoon (we hope)!  

  2. the black bear we saw was pretty close 50\’ maybe. the grizzly was way off in the distance. when i get good internet connectivity i\’ll post pictures.

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