Day 7: oh no! No cows!

That’s right, i knew this day would come, but the streak is over – no cows today. Now i know how JJ Putz felt the other day when he had his save streak broken…

Miles today: .25ish – had to move to a different site in the campground.

Today we drove around the south loop. Went straight to the new canyon vistors center. We got our book stamped and then looked at all of the exhibits about the volcano. Stopped for a quick snack and hung out with a chipmunk and a ground squirrel.

Heading south a bit, there were a bunch of people pulled over at a heard of bison. I noticed the guys with the spotting scopes were looking the other way, so i pulled over – turns out they were looking at a wolf. So, i whipped out my 300mm lens and stacked the 1.4x and 2x tcs, and got some really blurry pictures of a white thing with ears (you shouldn’t stack TCs, lowers the image quality too much). Walked back to the car and talked to a guy who said someone spotted a bear – sure enough kim spotted it as well, this one was a grizzly. Overall a good stop!

We proceeded to the lodge by old faithful to grab some dinner. As we were driving, it started to rain pretty hard. When we got to the restaraunt, there was a 1 hr wait. 1 1/2 hrs later we finally got in for some mediocre food.

Tomorrow we are moving on (colter bay). I’m a little nervous about taking the motorhome through the park entrance – i suppose that if I don’t fit through, my insurance will pay for all the damage.


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