Day 4: gone shopping

Got up this morning and went on a 10 mile bike ride with kim. Grandpa was supposed to come with us, but got disqualified for blood doping (actually, he is just a weenie). It was a fairly tough 10 miles because of all the smoke in the air. Had the new handheld gps hooked up to the bike – worked pretty well, except for the compass. The compass needs to be level to work correctly, going up and down hills caused it to not be level. I’ll upload the gps data when i get an internet connection.

Once back from the bike ride, we went on the great shopping adventure to buy all the stuff we forgot. Hit costco, wal-mart, the bike store, checkers, and papa murphies (to pick up dinner). Of course we were in the jeep with the top down, so we had to go back to the motorhome after each store to unload.

After dinner we went out and hit a few tennis balls with kim and heidi. We used special "high altitude" balls – felt like we were using bricks.

And for the 3rd day in a row, we saw a cow.


One comment

  1. If you are moving, you don\’t need the compass since the GPS will give you heading and bearing data.  When you stop you must level the GPS for the compas to work, like you said, but you must also wait for a set time before the compass kicks in (default = 90 sec.  I change to much less when hiking), .  Thanks for the bike GPS feedback.  Gotta be a cool bike computer.  I don\’t think it will float when attached to the bike handlebars, though.
     – Dad –

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