Day 2: the long one

Miles today: 473
Miles total: 598
Weather: hot, uper 90s

Hit the road around 8a this morning. Rig drives nice – way better than the last one. Sit up high with big windows. The only drawback is that it is more surface area for the bugs to hit :).

Stopped for fuel in post falls, idaho. Got 7.4 mpg. Next tank should be brutal – went across 3 mountain passes.

Just outside of Missoula, there was a forest fire right along I90. The road was still open, but they were slowing traffic down. The firefighters were right along the side of the road and there were 3-4 helecopters working.

Just past the fire, my brake monitor started flashing. The battery on the jeep was too low, so we had to pull over and run the jeep for a bit.

Pulled into helena around 7p local time. There is a forest fire here as well and you can see it glowing on the hillside.

Kim has decided that the handheld GPS is hers and nobody else is allowed to touch it. Guess i need to buy another one.

I kinda feel like the guy from Misery right now – not because kim has me chained to the bed and chopped my foot off with an axe, but due the fact that i have to hit the ‘p’ key about 5 times to get a ‘p’.

Oh yeah, we saw a cow today.



  1. I know the feeling.  I sometimes have trouble \’p\’ing too.  When Kim confiscated the hanheld GPS, did she tell you to "Get Lost?"  That brake monitor sounds like something I need to rig up.  The battery on Jeep went deader than dead when I neglected to charge it after an all day run through mountainous terrain.

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