Day 1: Getting out of town

Miles today: 125
Miles total: 125
Weather: sunny, upper 70s

Left work around 4p and got right on the road – well around 8p anyhow. Had to finish up the packing and get the bikes loaded. Bikes were a bit of an ordeal to get mounted (missing a couple of straps), but managed to get things done.

Hit I90 out of town – stopped in North Bend to top off the tanks. There was a $75 max on the pump – it didn’t like the third time I ran my credit card through :).

The big problem so far is that there is only one cigarette adapter up front. To fix this, i’ve installed a 3 way splitter – it keeps shaking loose though. Also keep losing the contact w/one of the tire pressure sensors. Going to to solve both problems by putting the pressure sensor back at the dining room table and replacing the triple splitter with the double.

Staying at the rest area at the top of the vantage hill tonight. Will head the rest of the way to helena tomorrow.


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