Day 11 & 12

Miles Today: 449.0, 410.8
Miles Total: 2510
Days seeing a cow: 11 out of 12
Well, this is going to be my wrap-up entry for the trip…Had breakfast w/Jim & Carrie on Saturday morning, and hit the road at just about noon.  Took the Bay Bridge to Oakland, and then went north to I-505, and finally to I-5.  The traffic in the bay area was way worse than it was in LA.  Took us 2 hours to go about 70 miles.  This was a pretty hard-core driving day – pulled into a rest area in Oregon (just N of Grant’s Pass) around 10:30p.  We were up and on the road by about 7:15a the next day, and pulled into home around 4:30.  Some random observations from the trip:
  • I need to know the specifications for every nut and bolt on the Jeep, because Jeep people ask those kinds of questions.
  • If you’ve never seen one, a Ford F650 is a very large truck (there were 2 of them at the orangeland RV park towing trailers)
  • It isn’t "T for Taylor", it is "O for Taylor"…it will be "P for Taylor Tomorrow".
  • The generator works better when the circuit breaker is turned on.
  • Burned 257+ Gallons of Fuel (haven’t topped off the tank yet after getting home).



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