Day 9 & 10

Miles Today: ~400 (GPS is in the jeep)
Miles Total: ~1600 (GPS is in the jeep)
Weather: Sunny, mid-80s
Days in a row seeing a cow: 4
Thursday we left the RV park bright and early (about 6:30a)…morning rush hour through LA wasn’t really that bad, although it still took us 2 hours to go 90 miles. Went straight up I5 this time and it was way easier than when we cut the corner on the Hollywood freeway – less lanes coming and going.  Stayed on I5 until CA 152, and then cut across to the coast…it was a pretty cool windy road through the hills (a big change from the flat on I5).  Ended up pulling into Jim & Carrie’s in Woodside around 4:00p.  Scott gets the dummy of the day award…the house batteries were not charging while we were driving down the road, so I started the generator, but the batteries still did not charge.  Checked all the breakers, and they were fine, so I checked the genset and found another breaker on it so I toggled it (on then off again).  So, we had no TV for the kids for most of the trip because of a lack of power.  When we arrived and I started to troubleshoot (I plugged into the wall and it worked), then I realized that I screwed up when I reset the breaker.
Friday, Harper had to go to school for a 1/2 day and Melissa went with her.  Once they got back, we went to this cool place that overlooked the ocean for lunch, and then went and ran on the beach where both Bailey and Taylor did face-plants while running in the water, so we went home.  Got a babysitter and went out to dinner with just the grownups.
Plan for today is to leave around noon and try to get to the medford walmart before calling it a day.

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