Day 7

Miles Today: ~20 (in Jeep)
Miles Total: 1253.9 (only counting RV miles here)
Weather: Sunny, mid-80s
Days in a row seeing a cow: 1
Disneyland Day #2 today.  We used our early entrance to the park today and promptly went to the all-new space mountain (well, Melissa and I did, Kim and Taylor went to Buzz lightyear).  The new-improved Space Mountain was a bit of a disappointment – it really seems like they slowed down the ride quite a bit. After this, we went over to do the Indiana Jones ride.  Melissa and I were almost all the way to the front when the ride broke down, so they gave us a fast pass to any ride that we wanted. Did more of the show type things today too. The buzz lightyear ride would take your picture, and then you could have it sent to an email address when you were done, so I’ve attached our pictures today…the one of kim and taylor is kinda bad, but it is important to check out who got the highest score of all!

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